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Fun & Team Building Activities in Greece
Fun & Team Building Activities in Greece

Fun & Team Building Activities in Greece

Looking for a unique and exciting way to bond with your team? Look no further than Greece!

With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities available, you’re sure to find something that everyone will enjoy.

We offer activities such as Treasure Hunting, Wine TastingCity Tours, 4×4 Off-road Adventures, and Private Cruises. Each activity is designed to encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.

Organizing a team-building activity in Greece has many advantages. The stunning scenery and rich history provide a unique backdrop for your team-building activities. The country’s delicious cuisine and warm hospitality ensure that your team will have an unforgettable experience. And our tailor-made tours can be customized to fit the needs of your group or corporate clients.

So why wait? Contact us today to start planning your next team-building activity in Greece. With our wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, expert guides, and stunning scenery, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for your team. Fun & Team Building Activities in Greece – the perfect way to bring your team together.

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Thessaloniki Urban City Tour

Thessaloniki Urban City Tour - Activity Difficulty: A Duration: 6 Hours Participants: Any Availability: All year round Type: Indoor/Outdoor Terms and conditions: Over 18 y.o   Discover the vibrant rhythm of Thessaloniki with an Urban Tour, the Soul of the City that promises to introduce you to the local way of life. Thessalonians are renowned [...]

Survivor Games

Duration: 3-5 Hours Participants: 8-400 Available: May to October Available Locations: Halkidiki, Thessaloniki   Escape the ordinary with Survivor Games and Fun Team Building Activities! Join with your team the games which take place in breathtaking nature. Whether by the beautiful sea or amidst the imposing mountains, our carefully curated event promises a stunning background [...]

Olympus Water Adventure Canyoning

Duration: 3,5 hours Preparation and training: 30′ Prior hiking: 25′ Canyoning duration: 2,5 hours After hiking: 5′ Optimum period: May-October   Experience the thrill of Olympus Water Adventure Canyoning during your visit to Greece! Dive into the heart of Mount Olympus, where mythical landscapes are adorned with spectacular canyons waiting to be explored. Among the [...]

Athens Food Tour

Duration: Half day (4 hours) Athens Food Tour offers an unparalleled exploration of the diverse and delectable culinary scene in Athens, Greece. Led by a local foodie expert, this ultimate food tour promises to immerse you in the beloved flavors and aromas of Athenian cuisine. Prepare to indulge in Greek culinary traditions, including the iconic [...]

Athens Full Day Leisure Cruise

Duration: Full day Optional VIP upgrade Optional tours on islands   Embark on an unforgettable Athens Full Day Leisure Cruise that takes you on a journey to the breathtaking islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina in the scenic Argosaronic Gulf. This incomparable day excursion promises to immerse you in the cosmopolitan charm of these idyllic [...]

Olympus Hiking

Olympus Hiking at Mt. Olympus offers an unparalleled adventure into the cloud-covered lair of the Ancient Greek pantheon. Just as it ignited the imagination of the ancients, this awe-inspiring mountain continues to captivate visitors today. Greece's highest peak, Mt. Olympus, boasts a remarkable biodiversity with over 1700 plant species and a diverse array of wildlife, [...]

Wine Tasting Tour Northern Greece

Wine Tasting Tour Northern Greece Duration: 3 hours Participants: Up to 20 Availability: All year Type: Indoor / Outdoor Terms and conditions: Over 18 y.o   Embark on a remarkable journey with a Wine Tasting Tour Northern Greece, an exclusive opportunity to explore the captivating world of winemaking at a renowned local winery nestled in [...]

Meteora Truffle Hunting

Experience the thrill of truffle hunting amidst the beautiful forests of the Meteora region with our exciting activity – Meteora Truffle Hunting! This one-of-a-kind adventure takes you deep into the heart of nature where you can discover the finest and most exquisite truffles that Greece has to offer.

The Pirates’ Siege Roleplaying Game

The Pirate's Siege | Roleplaying game - Activity Duration: 90 - 120 Mins Physical condition: Any Minimum participants: 10 Availability: All Year *Live role play in English and Greek. Episode 1: The fall of Thessaloniki by the Saracens in 904 AD.   Are you ready to set sail on an adventure like no other? Introducing The Pirates' [...]

Explore The Greek Vineyards

Duration: Daily/Multiday Difficulty: A Availability: All Year Participants: Any *Affected by weather conditions   Explore Greek Wines, very few nations of the world have the vineyard and wine ‘in their blood’ as the Greeks do. Get ready to embark on a journey through the beautiful and bountiful vineyards of Greece with our "Explore The Greek Vineyards" [...]

Fishing Competition

One of the greatest benefits of fishing is that it brings people together.

Whether you’re working towards a common goal, or just talking about life, spending quality time on the water works like glue.

Thessaloniki Treasure Hunt

An alternative way to explore the city via entertaining activities by decoding puzzles, finding clues and solving ultimate mysteries…

Ancient Music Experience

Ancient Music Experience - Activity Duration: 2 hours Participation: Up to 20 pax Level of music Knowledge: No need for any kind of former musical education. Availability: All year round Type: Indoor   “Rhythm finds its way into the secret places of the soul...”–Plato   Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no [...]

Greek Cuisine Cooking Workshops

A Get to discover the richness of Greek gastronomy and culinary culture through an interactive cooking lesson. Take part in the preparation of traditional Greek recipes and enjoy your handmade cooked meal!…

Thessaloniki Walking Sightseeing Tour

Thessaloniki Walking Sightseeing Tour - Activity Duration: Half day (4 hours) Physical condition: Any Availability: All year round   Explore the City Like Never Before with a Walking Sightseeing Tour of Thessaloniki ! Welcome to the heart of Greece's second-largest city, Thessaloniki! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through its rich history, vibrant culture, [...]

Offroad Greece

Offroad Greece - Activity Duration: Daily/Multiday Physical condition: Any Maximum participants: 50 Availability: All Year   Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join us on Offroad Greece, a thrilling 4x4 offroad experience that takes you through the stunning and diverse landscapes of Greece. From the lush forests to the rugged mountain peaks, our expert [...]

Halkidiki Leisure Cruise

Halkidiki Leisure Cruise - Activity Duration: Full Day Physical condition: Any Availability: All year round   Welcome to the Halkidiki Leisure Cruise, an unforgettable sailing tour to the hidden treasures of the northern Aegean Sea. Just a short distance from the vibrant city of Thessaloniki lies the beautiful three-legged peninsula of Halkidiki, boasting some of the most breathtaking [...]

Active Camp by the Sea

Active Camp by the Sea - Activity Duration: Daily Physical condition: Any Availability: Spring - Autumn   Looking for a unique team-building experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and team bonding? Look no further than Active Camp by the Sea! Located in a stunning natural setting with a verdant backdrop that ends at an amazing all-white beach [...]

Mykonos Party Cruise

Mykonos Party Cruise - Activity Duration: Full Day Availability: All Year Maximum Participants: 70 *Affected by weather conditions   Get ready to set sail on the ultimate party experience with Mykonos Party Cruise! This team-building activity is perfect for companies or colleges who want to let loose and have some fun in the sun. Discover [...]

Roof Garden Private Party

Roof Garden Private Party - Activity Duration: Min 2 Hours Difficulty: A Maximum participants: Any Availability: All Year *Affected by weather conditions   Elevate your party experience to new heights with our Roof Garden Private Party! Imagine sipping cocktails and mingling with your colleagues, friends, or classmates while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape. Our carefully [...]

Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour - Activity Duration: Half Day (6 Hours) Physical condition: Any Availability: All year round   Welcome to our thrilling Fishing Tour, where you can experience the joy of being out on the open water while challenging yourself to catch some of the most spectacular fish in Greece. Whether you are an experienced angler or a [...]

Estates for Private Events

Estates for Private Events Duration: Full Day Physical condition: Any Availability: All year round   Looking to host an event that is both unforgettable and unique? Look no further than Estates for Private Events in Greece! GreeceOntheGo, a leading DMC in Greece, has curated a list of stunning estates all across the country that are perfect for hosting [...]

Athens Sightseeing Tour

Athens the History of a Timeless City - Activity Duration: Half day (4 hours) Physical condition: Any Availability: All year round   Welcome to our Athens Sightseeing Tour - a half-day adventure that takes you on a journey through the city's vibrant historical center. Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of the world-famous Parthenon, marvel at the grand temples [...]

Pozar Thermal Baths

Refresh your min and body at the Pozar Thermal Baths and relax in the naturally heated water from the hot springs….

Olympus Wine Tasting Tour

Discover the magical landscapes of Mt. Olympus foothills and indulge in a unique culinary journey. Our day starts with an easy hike in the ravine of Agia Kori, close to the magical setting of the village of Vrondos…

Ancient Pella & Vergina Royal Tombs

Visit Pella, the Capital of the Macedonian Kingdom and birthplace of Alexander the Great. Take a journey to the beautiful village of Vergina and the archeological treasures of the glorious Macedonian kingdom, one of the most important archeological sites of Greece!…

Thessaloniki Bike Tour

Take an easy ride to the abundant treasures of Thessaloniki lifestyle! Observe the daily routine of the locals, learn the historyand meet the city’s highlights…

Thessaloniki Food Tour – Eat Like A Local

Are you ready to experience the taste of Thessaloniki like a local? Our Thessaloniki Food Tour - Eat like a Local is the perfect opportunity for you to discover the city's culinary secrets and indulge in the flavors of Greece. Join us on a journey through the city's most iconic food areas, where you'll get [...]

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One of the most important aspects of a trip is the activities that make your vacation in Greece unforgettable. Our award-winning team of experts has traveled around Greece in order to find the most adventurous, safe, and fun activities in breathtaking locations. You can get inspired and let us know your interests so we can create the theme of your trip and advice you on the best locations in Greece to find what you are looking for. Gastronomy, wine tasting, extreme sports, or just fun activities, have all been tested and approved by our team of experts so you can kick back and enjoy the ride and your vacation in Greece. Book Today for an authentic and unforgetable experience in Greece.