Duration: Half day (4 hours)

Physical condition: Any

Availability: All year round


Explore the city’s charm with our unforgettable Thessaloniki’s Walk Through The Centuries! Step into the heart of Greece’s vibrant second-largest city, Thessaloniki, and embark on an extraordinary journey through its extensive history, lively culture, and captivating sights. Our Thessaloniki’s Walk Through The Centuries tour is your key to unlocking a world of exploration. Knowing the city has never been easier and fun with this tour loved by so many participants.


Unveil the Beauty of Thessaloniki: Our seasoned tour guides passionately narrate the city’s whispered tales of the past as you wander through enchanting streets and squares. Experience the seamless fusion of ancient and modern, East and West, in this coastal gem. Admire the architectural marvels, from the majestic White Tower to the historic Rotonda, each revealing a different chapter of Thessaloniki’s captivating story.


A 4-Hour Central Tour: This meticulously crafted 4-hour walking tour, covers most of the iconic landmarks and the history behind them. The temple of Saint Dimitrios, the Arch of Galerius, the Roman Forum are just a few of the sites to be visited and explored. Bustling streets, lively waterfronts, art installations, historic buildings, and squares, in a pace suitable for everyone. There is time dedicated to taking photographs as well as discussing with the guide what interests you more.


Make Your Visit Unforgettable: Transform your visit to Thessaloniki into an unforgettable experience by joining us for a Thessaloniki’s Walk Through The Centuries Tour like no other. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture buff, or simply a curious traveler, our tour promises an immersive journey through the beauty and history of this remarkable city.


Your adventure begins here! Let us guide you, your friends’ group or your work group, through the soul of Thessaloniki and create memories together. Bond while getting to know the city. Contact us and book your place in the tour!

  • Licensed English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees for archaeological sites and museums
  • Liability insurance
  • What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.