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About us

Greece is in the elite of top destinations of the world, that’s why you need real experts to enjoy the best out of it!

GreeceontheGo has been introduced by Business Travel Group in order to cover our passion for sports and Greece. Our mission is to provide excellent and complete services to partner agents, travellers who seek an authentic greek experience and professional sports clubs, keeping environmental sustainability as a key priority.

Eco-tourism is not a trend, it’s a habit and thus our goal is to educate and spread awareness to our travelers and partners.

Vacation in Greece is our specialty and our love for amateur sports activities had to include all those who are seeking interesting activities under the beautiful Greek sun. Whether you are a travel agent, professional club manager or just a traveler who wants to visit Greece we have a wide range of activities to fill in your interests and passions. Our highly experienced team can provide you with a stress-free environment to work or relax.


30 years of operations and the value of our people is what make us different!

As a company, we aim on combining technological advantages with human values and responsibility. Travelers tend to return to travel agents as they need their knowledge, expertise and their 24/7 support

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One of the most important aspects of a trip is the activities that makes your vacation in Greece unforgettable. Our award winning team of experts have traveled around Greece in order to find the most adventurous, safe and fun activities in breathtaking locations. You can get inspired and let us know your interests so we can create the theme of your trip and advice you the best locations in Greece to find what you are looking for. Gastronomy, wine tasting, extreme sports or just fun activities have all been tested and approved from our team of experts so you can kick back and enjoy the ride and your vacation in Greece

Book with confidence as we are part of a 30 year old brand member of IATA and we follow all the quality control certificates for safe tourism

Sports Department

Swimming | Synchro | Water Polo | Football | Rugby | Basketball | Volleyball | Golf

Our Sports Department Events

GreeceontheGo Sports Department is the biggest and most professional travel company in Greece that offers destination landing and other services, exclusively to athletic groups.

“Warm Weather Sports Camp Packages” have been specially designed for the preparation of the athletic teams in selected Greek destinations, where the weather conditions and the selected facilities of the camp enable successful training in a stress-free environment. Our team of experts includes coaches, managers, and athletic directors who combine their experiences and knowledge on the needs of each sport in order to be ready to provide to your team the quality that you are seeking and the activities to combine it with. In addition, tailor-made packages may apply, based on the approach and the requirements of each sport for the best preparation of the team

Private guided tours

Tired of being offered mainstream vacation packages?

The strategy is clear: No more big groups with coaches and mainstream highlights!

The ultimate destination awaits, but the journey tells the best stories. Whether you want to travel and stay with luxuries and style or get your own personal van and explore the beauties of Greek land we have it for you.
If you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway or want to bring your family on a fun-filled holiday, our in-house Travel Specialists will design tailor-made experiences and activities for you and your family.

We are offering adventure-craving travelers an alternative to the resorts, cruises and motor coach tours they were accustomed to, in that way we are looking not only to change the way people look at their holiday time but change the face of travel forever!

Are you ready for your extraordinary vacation in Greece?

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