Duration: 3-5 Hours

Participants: 8-400

Available: May to October

Available Locations: Halkidiki, Thessaloniki


Escape the ordinary with Survivor Games and Fun Team Building Activities! Join with your team the games which take place in breathtaking nature. Whether by the beautiful sea or amidst the imposing mountains, our carefully curated event promises a stunning background for fostering teamwork, trust, fun and communication.

Nature’s Playground: Our carefully chosen natural settings provide the ideal playground for fun and adventure, offering a unique escape from the usual everyday environment.

Team Bonding: In a captivating outdoor setting, your team will not only enjoy the scenic views but also engage in activities designed to enhance teamwork and build trust. From collaborative challenges to problem-solving adventures, and unusual physical activities, there’s something for everyone, ensuring that each team member gains valuable experiences and skills, while having a great time on the field.

Fun-Filled Adventures: Dive into a world of excitement where every activity is designed to bring joy and laughter. This experience creates a shared sense of accomplishment, fostering closer relationships among team members, which extends beyond the gaming field.

Tailored for All:  Survivor Games and Fun Team Building Activities cater to diverse preferences and abilities, suitable for including all. Whether your team members are outdoor enthusiasts or simply looking for a change of scenery, the carefully crafted activities ensure that everyone can participate and contribute.

Building Lasting Connections: As your team navigates through the challenges and embraces the beauty of nature, bonds will naturally strengthen. The shared moments of triumph, the laughter echoing in the open air, and the mutual support required for success all contribute to forming lasting connections among members.


Let the Survivor Games and Fun Team Building Activities be the catalyst for growth, stronger bonds, and a renewed sense of purpose. Elevate your team’s spirit and effectiveness with an outdoor adventure that guarantees development and unforgettable fun memories.

  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Equipment
  • Game coordinator
  • Energy snack or fruit +1 bottle of water 500ml
  • Liability insurance



  • What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.