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Greece’s Historical Treasures

Greece’s Historical Treasures

Athens the History of a timeless city

Half day highlights sightseeing tour of Athens historical center. The world-famous Parthenon, the impressive temples, the grand squares and imposing ancient sporting grounds, compose a unique sequence of architectural wonders. Walking to the historical center of Athens , a legendary full of stories city is revealed right in front of your eyes. Duration: Half day [...]

Thessaloniki Classic Tour

Duration: Half day (4 hours) A classic historical tour covering the twenty three centuries that the city exists, where Macedonian Kings, Roman Emperors, Byzantines, Ottoman Sultans and Jewish lived formed and marked its history and culture. Walking to the historical center of Thessaloniki, a unique, multicultural, full of stories city is revealed right in front [...]

Grand Tour of the Olympic Games

The glory of the Olympic Games, Greek history and modern Greece unfolds in this 7-days tour full of contemporary, historical and archaeological sites. From the celebrations of the Olympic Day Run of Thessaloniki and the modern sculpture, now a trademark of the city, the Umbrellas of Zongolopoulos, to the Ancient Olympia, the cradle of the [...]

Ancient Pella & Vergina Royal Tombs

Visit Pella, the Capital of the Macedonian Kingdom and birthplace of Alexander the Great. Take a journey to the beautiful village of Vergina and the archeological treasures of the glorious Macedonian kingdom, one of the most important archeological sites of Greece!…


The imposing rocks of Meteora over the city of Kalambaka, is the impressive geological phenomenon included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, that you shoud not miss the opportunity to see…