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Adventure & Nature

Adventure & Nature

Meteora truffle hunting

Meteora region forests, famous for its species and quality of truffles, are totally the ideal backdrop for mushroom hunting experience. The award-winning Mushroom - Natural History Museum of Meteora, unfold the secrets of the most exceptional greek fungi, while the unique products of nature await you, very well hidden, to explore and taste! Duration: Half [...]

Olympus Water Adventure Canyoning

Are you visiting Greece and want to do a fantastic activity? Come get acquainted with Mount Olympus, the mythical mountain with amazing canyons. One of the most popular canyon in Greece. An exciting route with clear water and impressive nature. Located in the eastern part of Olympus, in a magical setting with wild vegetation and [...]

Olympus Hiking

The cloud-covered lair of the Ancient Greek pantheon, awe-inspiring Mt Olympus is simply spectacular. It fires visitors' imagination today, just as it did for the ancients. Greece’s highest mountain, Olympus hosts more than 1700 plant species, as well as wolves, jackals, deers and more than 100 bird species. Its slopes are thickly forested and its [...]