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Excursions & Activities around Greece

Excursions & Activities around Greece

Being experienced enough in organising a variety of team building activities, we are always happy to share our inventive proposals based on your group’s profile

Thessaloniki Treasure Hunt

Famous collector Marc Ignotus is looking for those aiming to be a part of his next research team! Be part of a fun interactive outdoor experience. Discover the city’s motto, explore its features and win the final prize through mental challenges. Visit a series of monuments from various periods of the city’s great history and select key points of a creative, interactive walk that includes role playing and riddle solving.

Cooking Lessons

A Get to discover the richness of Greek gastronomy and culinary culture through an interactive cooking lesson. Take part in the preparation of traditional Greek recipes and enjoy your handmade cooked meal!


Bowling is a target sport and recreational activityin which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball toward pins or another target.

Escape Room

You never know what you will face in a haunted room.. Nobody dares to visit a room with the reputation that it has been haunted. Will you escape the room, to reveal the truth?


Meteora Rocks.. A lifetime travel experiece

The imposing rocks of Meteora over the city of Kalambaka, is the impressive geological phenomenon included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, that you shoud not miss the opportunity to see! The monasteries of Meteora, build at the highest points of the rocks, seem to be floating between the earth and the sky.. Between a human and a divine element! Follow the paths carved by the very first monks and visit the inside parts of the imposing Monasteries. Experience a thrilling sunset view and feel the calmness of the landscape while the light changes moment by moment.

Hiking & Bathing

Thermal baths of Pozar are located in the birthplace area of Alexander the Great, at the foot of Kaimaktsalan mountain, an impressive site features hot springs, natural pools and rivers with thermal waters natural and artificial waterfalls. Trek the natural paths, rich wild and unspoiled vegetation and enjoy a relaxation program with therapeutical benefits. Take the chance to enjoy the typical northern Greek cuisine at local Restaurant.

Pozar Thermal Baths

Refresh your min and body at the Pozar Thermal Baths and relax in the naturally heated water from the hot springs. Depart Thessaloniki and journey to the natural hot springs of Pozar Thermal Baths to relax in the healing waters while natureand Mount Voars provide a stunning backdrop. Benefit from the healing properties of water naturally heated to a temperature of 37 Celsius. Known for its amazing taste, the water is said also said to help with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, poor circulation, respiratory problems and kidney disease, including kidney stones.

Halkidiki Cruises

The beautiful three-legged peninsula, just a breath from Thessaloniki, with gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise waters awaits you for an Impressive sailing tour to the northern Aegean treasures! Enjoy a full day swimming-leisure cruise, and an ultimate adventure experience! Jump into the open sea, admire the marvelous beaches of Halkidiki peninsula and explore little virgin islands. Enjoy a barbeque meal at a beautiful beach and sail back again delighted under the mesmerizing sunset.

Mt Olympus

MT Olympus - Dion

Olympus, the highest Greek mountain and the residence of the twelve ancient gods, boasts of its astonishing nature and definitely falls under the category “must-do”. Enjoy the beauty of the Mythical Mount Olympus by Trekking the path of Enipeas gorge. Visit Dion Archological Park and get to know the ancient sacred city of Dion and the sanctuaries found from the Hellenistic and Romain period. Enjoy your free time for lunch or coffe at an entirely picturesque landscape of Litochoro Village at the foothills of Olympus (optional)

Off Road Classsic Buggy Safari

Beginning from our starting point and heading towards the base of the Mythical Mt. Olympus, we drive through Paralia Katerinis. Our first stop will be at the most important monastery in Pieria Prefecture, the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Agios Dionysios in Olympus, located at the Enipeas ravine at an altitude of 850 m. The original monastery, established in 1542 was almost destroyed by the Germans in 1943. We are also visiting the new monastery that was established app. 5 km away NE to the old one, close to the town of Litochoro.

Wine Tasting Tour

Discover the magical landscapes of Mt. Olympus foothills and indulge in a unique culinary journey. Our day starts with an easy hike in the ravine of Agia Kori, close to the magical setting of the village of Vrondos. Our trail under dense vegetation will lead us to a spectacular waterfall with crystal clear waters where we can swim. Having enjoyed our walk we continue to the winery of Kourtis family (Ktima Kourtis Winery), in the village of Raches. The hosts will guide us through the vineyards and the cellar and our day will end with a lovely meal with local products and tasting of the family wine.

Ancient Pella & Vergina Royal Tombs

Travel back in time to the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip II by visiting one of the greatest Archaeological. sites in Greece and the Museum of the Royal Tombs in Aegae.


Mykonos also called the “island of the winds”, is one of the most popular islands in Greece. Located in the Cyclades, the group of islands in the middle of the Aegean Sea is the ultimate summer destination!