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Why Greece?

We are Basketball lovers

We keep a great competing Greek teams

Hall of fame players originated from Greece

High level facilities

As a Mediterranean country, Greece has the three great “S”, sea sun & sand


Enjoy a period of active vacations combined with sport, tours and excursions in one of the world’s ideal destination!


All inclusive packages

Accomodation in 4* & 5* hotels


All inclusive or Full Board meal and drinks basis

Training facilities & Basketball court for trainings

Sightseeing tour and daily excursion

Every specidic needs from teams and coaches

Friendly games with greek teams

Basketball Sports Camps in Greece


Chios is an island of Aegean Sea and fifth largest in Greece.The main products it exports are the famous Chios mastiha , oil , figs and wine , and has an international reputation for the size and quality of its shipping. The capital of the island, the city of Chios , is also called Chora. [...]


Volos, port of departure of Jason for the Argonaut campaign, is a modern city with a youthful pulse that is an ideal destination for any kind of visitor as it uniquely combines the green, mythical Mt Pelion with its lacy shores, excellent sports infrastructure and unique local cuisine!   City: Volos Basketball Court: Volos Municipal [...]

Crete Island

Crete , the southernmost border of Europe is far away more than an island! It is a fertile and wild place trully blessed by nature. World-famous culinary tradition, the Cretan diet, with significant benefit to human health.Supreme quality of light and one of the best climates in Europe where the sharp rugged mountains meeting openly [...]


Metsovo is a town in Epirus, in the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece, between Ioannina to the north and Meteora to the south. The largest centre of Aromanian (Vlach) life in Greece, is a large regional hub for several small villages and settlements in the Pindus region, and it features many shops, schools, offices, [...]


Hung at the foot of Olympus the mythical mountain home of the twelve gods, Litochoro is where tradition meets nature! The fresh mountain breeze blends with the aura of the sea composing favorable climatic conditions ideal for well being and activities. Eclectic mountain herbs and fruits, pure erthly flavors, the endless Olympian shores..create the must [...]


Karpenisi is a town in central Greece. It is the capital of the regional unit of Evrytania. It is situated in the valley of the river Karpenisiotis, a tributary of the Megdovas, in the southern part of the Pindus Mountains.   City: Karpenisi Basketball Court: Karpenisi Basketball Court Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor   Our National [...]

3X3 Street Basketball Tours

  • Gather your friends and playmates ans spend your holidays combined with your loving street Βasketball around Greece.
  • We are in position to arrange every friendly game with Greek teams depending on your level.
  • Participate with your team in the annual 3×3 competition in Syros island, aka “Aegean Ball”.