About the tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the rugged beauty and rich cultural heritage of Epirus region. Over the course of this captivating tour, you’ll delve into the breathtaking landscapes, ancient traditions, and hidden treasures of this enchanting area.


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The great history and the idyllic atmosphere of loannina city
The incredible charm of Zagori traditional villages
Breathtaking views and an adventure at Vikos gorge
Epirus’s unique culinary identity
A deep connection with nature
An insight to the renowned local arts and traditional crafts

Suggested Itinerary

Ioannina City

The capital of the Epirus region and truly, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

Optional activities :

– loannina guided sightseeing tour
Discover the capital of Epirus! Wander around the historic center and castle of the city, where the architectural mix of neoclassical, Mediterranean and Ottoman monuments will impress you!

– Boat ride at the lake
Enjoy views of one of the oldest lakes in the world, the Pamvotis and the dream-like island with its historic castle and towering minarets.

– The art of Silver
Visit the impressive silversmith museum, with imposing exhibits of the famous local art with roots in the depths of the centuries. Participate in a traditional silversmith’s workshop


Overnight in loannina

Zagorochoria Complex

Discover the beautiful villages perched on the mountains of Epirus surrounded by imposing hills, lush forests, steep gorges, and verdant ravines.


Optional activities :

– Explore the Villages of Zagori
A circular hike around the villages of central Zagori .
Immerse in the stunning environment with the iconic stone bridges and imposing nature by hiking the marvelous Zagorochoria complex

– Zagori Cooking experience
Experience the famous traditional regional cuisine passed down from generation to generation participating in an unforgettable cook off using fresh, high quality, local ingredients and traditional techniques.

– Argalios Sheep wool processing workshop
Get to know the traditional loom and felt wool processing, as handed down to the younger by the elderly women of Zagorochoria.


Overnight in Zagorochoria or loannina

Explore Vikos Gorge


Optional activities:

– Zagori Photography tour
Explore, learn about and capture stunning settings with exceptional biodiversity and magnificent architecture at the most alluring and scenic landscapes in Greece and Europe.

– Rafting & Canyoning in Voidomatis river
Enjoy a unique descent into the crystal clear waters of Voidomatis river as it crosses through the Vikos-Aoos national park in a passage through the single-arched stone bridges

– Hiking in Vikos Gorge
Admire the imposing beauty & the essence of Vikos Gorge & enjoy an unforgettable hike into the depths of Mother Nature


Overnight in Zagorochoria or loannina


The jewel of Epirus
A unique day tour to this lively mountain town of Epirus, with the diverse history, exceptional culinary scene and customs retaining its traditional character

– Food & Wine Treasures of Metsovo
Visit a famous dairy farm and savor the renowned PDO local cheeses. Learn how to make a traditional Metsovian pie the king of Epirus gastronomy and participate in guided winery-tour & tasting of the fine local wine, one of the most renowned in the country

– The folk art of wood
Visit the impressive folk museum and join a wood carving workshop where the wood becomes a piece of art in the hands of local craftsmen


Overnight in loannina