Thessaloniki Urban City Tour - Activity

Difficulty: A

Duration: 6 Hours

Participants: Any

Availability: All year round

Type: Indoor/Outdoor

Terms and conditions: Over 18 y.o


Discover the vibrant rhythm of Thessaloniki with an Urban Tour, the Soul of the City that promises to introduce you to the local way of life. Thessalonians are renowned for their “relaxed” lifestyle, characterized by a love for socializing, a welcoming character, and a profound passion for delectable food and enjoyable moments. Joining this tour offers a genuine opportunity to partake in these cherished local customs and soak in the unique ambiance surrounding the city.


More than a mere stroll through the streets, this tour extends an invitation to experience life as a true Thessalonian. Embrace the unhurried pace, engage in conversations with locals, and bask in the friendly atmosphere that pervades every corner. As the Urban Tour unfolds, you’ll traverse bustling streets, encountering the heartbeat of Thessaloniki—the people who infuse vitality into the city’s streets with their daily lives, work, and appreciation for its distinct pleasures.


The Urban Tour, the Soul of the City is a sensory feast, allowing you to sample the authentic flavors that define Thessaloniki’s culinary landscape. From vibrant local markets to hidden culinary gems known only to insiders, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in the mouthwatering offerings that make the city’s food culture truly exceptional. Spend a day as a local, enjoying a coffee, a wine and cheese tasting, traditional tsipouro with meze. Finish the night with a dinner or a drink to the most popular places. Capture the essence of Thessaloniki’s lively social scene, offering a genuine glimpse into the community’s zest for life and celebration.


The pulse of Thessaloniki, will embrace you with the leisure culture of its residents, and will immerse you in the delightful fusion of delectable cuisine, warm hospitality, and contagious joy.


Join the Urban Tour, the Soul of the City and discover the heart and soul of Thessaloniki like a true local. Don’t miss out on this authentic experience that promises to leave a lasting impression of the city’s charm and vibrancy

• Cozy Vibrant Café

• Wine and Cheese tasting at modern grocery

• Tsipouro with meze at traditional kafenes

• Nightlife Experience and dinner at Ladadika District

• English Speaking Assistant

• Liability insurance


• What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program

• Personal consumptions, reservations in addition to those mentioned in the