Ancient Music Experience - Activity

Duration: 2 hours

Participation: Up to 20 pax

Level of music Knowledge: No need for any kind of former musical education.

Availability: All year round

Type: Indoor


Participate with your team to an extraordinary musical journey that transcends time – welcome to “An Ancient Music Experience.” Led by experienced musician-instructors, this team-building activity promises to explore the enchanting music and instruments of ancient civilizations, creating a unique and immersive venture for all participants.


Inclusive Musical Exploration: No prior musical experience is required to participate in this one-of-a-kind activity. Together with your team, delve into the rich history of ancient melodies and rhythms, unlocking the secrets of instruments such as the Lyre of Apollo and the Frame Drum.


Hands-On Learning: Throughout the experience, you’ll have the unique opportunity to not only learn about these ancient instruments but also play them. Discover the harmonies that echoed through history as you engage in a hands-on exploration of the musical treasures of ancient civilizations.


Create Your Own Ancient Music Concert: The adventure extends beyond exploration. Your team will come together to create a band and orchestrate a Greek Ancient Music Concert. Engage in practice sessions, collaboratively bringing the captivating music of the ancients to life, fostering teamwork, and building bonds.


Team Bonding Platform: “An Ancient Music Experience” is more than a musical escapade – it’s a perfect platform for team bonding. Whether you’re from a company, club, school, or community group, this interactive journey imparts knowledge of history and music while honing communication and collaboration skills in an engaging and enjoyable manner.


Let the Rhythm of Ancient Melodies Resonate: Allow the rhythm of ancient melodies find its way into the secret places of your soul, creating lasting memories for your team. Contact us today to secure your team’s spot in this unique and unforgettable musical experience. Unearth the magic of ancient music together, building connections and harmonies that resonate through time. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a musical journey that transcends the ordinary – join “An Ancient Music Experience” and let history come alive through the power of music.

  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Seminar session on learning an ancient instrument
  • World Renowned and experienced instructors-musicians
  • Participation in a private ancient music concert
  • What is not explicitly mentioned as included.