Naxos is the largest  island of Cyclades , located in the center of the complex between Paros and Mykonos.According to Greek  mythology, Naxos was the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus, god of wine.Countless spots with rare species of fauna and flora, sandy beaches with dunes and cedars, ancient temples full of secrets, towers and castles…The island  is one of the most diverse and fertile islands of Greece with a glorious history.


Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades complex. The island that supports you in just being.. Present and Relaxed.There is literally a magnetic field beneath Amorgos island.Its unspoiled beauty and natural energy, invites you to leave back all the ‘’must’’ , slow down and Be.


A peace of paradise on earth..Ιn the cluster of small Cyclades , two mysterious isles sail carefree in the Αegean sea. Koufonisia is  a complex of two islands Ano Koufonissi which is inhabited and  and Kato Koufonissi which is totally uninhabited.Ano Koufinisi is a charming island of extreme natural beauty, boasting a unique morphology with tropical beaches of golden sand and turquoise water creating small natural pools..The peacefulness of Koufonisia emits a mysterious atmosphere over an area of just a few square kilometers!