Mt Olympus

«With this, the goddess, bright-eyed Athene, left for Olympus, where they say the gods have their everlasting home. No winds blow there, no rain wets it, no snow falls, but the wide air is clear and cloudless, and over it shines a radiant brightness: there the blessed gods are always happy.» Homer, the Odyssey, Book VI, 42. Olympus, the highest Greek mountain and the residence of the twelve ancient gods is locaded in the north part of Greece. Mt Olympus boasts of its astonishing nature, its popular slopes, its Christian monuments & its ancient/medieval sites. Definitely falls under the category “must-do”.


A charming mountainous town..Metsovo located in the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece, offers a perfect combination of adventure, nature, culture and history.Metsovo offers a perfect combination of adventure, nature, culture and history.It is an ideal place for relaxation , adventure sports, but also for its cultural development, rich history and strong traditional gastronomy. Explorations : Aoos Springs Lake,  Pindos National Park known as Valia Calda.


‘The place behind the mountains’ In northwest Greece, scattered at the foot of the Pindus mountain range, there is an area of unlimited range of natural beauty surrounded by mountains. It consists of 46 villages, immersed in pines and firs, with many streams and rivers with scattered stone bridges. Zagorochoria is one of the most interesting destinations ready to guide you to their exciting paths.