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Cyclades Cruise

Cyclades Cruise

Surrender to your dreams of sailing the renowned Greek islands on this superb sailing adventure to the Cyclades islands! Sail on Mediterranean waters, swim in turquoise crystal clear seas, explore ancient sites and traditional Cycladic villages and soak up the sun, fresh Greek cuisine and culture.

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Private transfer

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Ferry tickets to/from island

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Airplane Tickets

• Experience the authentic island life of Mykonos

• Jeep safari

• Mykonean farm experience

• Delos half day archaeological tour

• Welcome meal on board

• Paros horse riding tour

• Guided bike tour

• Fine dining  at selected restaurant

• Explore the Naxean gastronomy scene

• Sunset walking tour

• Ios hiking

• Traditional villages of Santorini and wine culture

• Photography Session

• Farewell meal on board


• Hire of the yacht and its equipment, captain and 2 persons crew

• Accommodation in Yacht

• Fuel for cruising up to 4 hours per day

• Bed linen, towels, beach towels, cleaning of gullet

• Gas for cooking, fresh water

• Snorkelling equipment

• Meals preparation and service

• Passenger and yacht insurance

Not included:

• What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.

• Personal consumptions, reservations  in addition to those mentioned in the program

• Optional activities

A few lines about the cruise:

Indicative Sea route

Mykonos, Delos , Paros, Naxos , Ios, Santorini

During a week on board you will have the chance to visit several islands of the famous Cyclades complex.

Based on your will and weather conditions, the schedule could be set perfectly, so we can combine the popular with isolate. You will have the chance to swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel and most of the times lucky enough to see dolphins playing on the bow.
During the day we sail and swim, rest and lunch on board, or join a range of activities whenever we land in each destination.

At the evenings we will approach our overnight points (ports or safe gulfs) where you can also combine a wandering around in the land , (always “well  equipped” with proposals and advices).

Day by day schedule


Day 1st 

Welcome to Mykonos!

The starting point of our 7-days  cruise tour in Cyclades

Experience the authentic island life.

Although the beautiful Greek Island Mykonos comes to mind with crazy partying and frantic fun times, it is also a place of long history and location of the legendary Gigantomachy “Gods vs Giants” in Greek Mythology.

Get to enjoy the island’s rich culture, ethics and Mykonean traditions which are the inherent parts of its Cycladic charm.


Optional Activities:

Jeep safari 

Enjoy a wonderful fun drive day full of new impressions and pictures.

Explore the island of Mykonos discover its hidden corners and a deserted mine.

Mykonean farm experience

A unique opportunity to combine traditional farming and gastronomy delights:

Savor products from the vegetable garden/Participate in Farm animals caring/ Learn wine tasting techniques from farm’s sommelier /cooking demonstration of some of Greece’s most traditional dishes / Traditional meal

Acquaintance with yacht  and overnight on board

Day 2nd

Delos Island 

A true archaeological treasure. The small island of the Cyclades  steeped in myths and mysteries standing at the gates of mykonos as an open museum  inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage

Optional Activities:

Half day archaeological tour

A tour to  the birthplace of Apollo – the god of the sun and daylight, and his twin sister Artemis – the goddess of the moon and the night light. The ancient island of Delos combines ancient art, history, and architecture with a unique location in the center of the Greek Cycladic islands.

Welcome Meal on board 

Lay down to enjoy the sun and the perfect scenery of Delos, while the crew will prepare the perfect.

*Menu could be set according to your dietary preferences, always with fresh local ingredients.

Day 3 

Paros Island 

The beautiful island cherished for its phenomenal beaches, picturesque whitewashed villages, and a lively atmosphere.

Optional Activities:

Horse riding tour

A variety of trail rides to experience the diverse beauty and scenery of Paros  riding on a horseback.

Guided bike tour 

The nature of Paros and its physical terrain make the island ideal for cycling. Enjoy a guided tour to the natural landscape on specific routes and explore the island as you pedal alongside pastures of grazing sheeps!


Fine dining

Experience the art of dining in Paros. Quality seafood meze, fresh fish, colorful salads and a variety of traditional side dishes at selected top quality restaurant.

Day 4

Naxos Island

The gorgeous island  with the glorious beaches, top gastronomy, and rich history also famous since ancient times, for its fertile land and  production  of the greatest cheeses throughout Greece.

Optional Activities:

Explore the Naxean gastronomy scene

Enjoy classic Aegean recipes and traditional tastes of Naxos.

*Reservation at selected top restaurant

Sunset walking tour

Stroll around Chora

Visit the town’s most emblematic sights on a relaxed, evening walking tour. Learn about the past and present of Naxos from an experienced guide who is passionate about the island. 

Day 5 


Ios Island

The island of bougainvillea blooming, legendary nightlife and beautiful beaches but also a tender sophisticated side, you’ll love getting to know.

Optional Activities:

Ios hiking 

Turn back the pendulum and discover the traces of cultural elements of Ios, as well as the cultural and natural wonders.

Fine dining at awarded restaurant

An upscale culinary experience in creative Mediterranean cuisine.

Day 6 

Santorini Island

The aethereal land of the Aegean. Black earth, whitewashed houses clinging to the cliff-side.

Energy that overwhelms the senses. Eclectic gastronomy, flagship wine and THE imposing sunset.


Optional Activities:

Traditional Villages of Santorini and wine culture

Sight-see through Santorini scenic villages. Explore a traditional winery and taste its vintages including a local lunch.

Photography Session 

Story telling portrait photography.

Enjoy a unique photo experience to the undeniable Aegean dream destination

Day 7 

Santorini (last day of cruise)

Farewell meal on board 

Enjoy a selection of exclusive dishes, Tantalize your taste buds tasting the finest local ingredients.

End of the trip

Departure :

Santorini private Airport transfer

You will experience:

• The remarkable Greek History & culture

• Legendary Greek hospitality

• Mythical mediterranean sunsets

• Iconic landmarks

• Pristine beaches and picturesque villages

• The unique Cycladic culinary culture

• Exceptional certified products and wines

• Comfort of a Small Ship Cruise

    Cyclades Cruise