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Alexandroupoli Swimming

City: Alexandroupoli

Swimming Pool: National Swimming Pool of Alexandroupoli

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor

Length: 50m

Depth: 3.5m

Swimming Pool includes:

1 Olympic dimensions pool, 8 lanes, 50m x 3.5m1 warm up pool.

Includes changing rooms, saunas, fitness equipment and grandstand seating capacity of 1000 spectators.

Natural gas is used for heating and cooling the facilities.

Best Period for Sports in Alexandroupoli: All Year


Alexandroupoli, located in the northeastern part of Greece, is a prime destination for swimming, water polo, and synchro camps. The city’s world-class facilities and ideal weather conditions make it the perfect choice for teams from all around the world.

Alexandroupoli offers a range of modern sports facilities, including Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool, which provide ample opportunities for training and improvement.

With a beautiful coastline stretching for miles, athletes will have access to the best swimming and water polo spots in the region.

The city’s natural beauty and cultural heritage also make it an ideal location for relaxation and exploration after training.

Come and join the many teams from Greece, Europe, and around the world that have experienced the exceptional swimming camps in Alexandroupoli!

Our package includes

International Air tickets if needed



Domestic Air tickets if needed

City tour, event reservation and other activities


Accomodation in 5* Hotel close to the swimming pool


Swimming facilities