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Swimming Camps in Europe – Barcelona, Spain

City: Calella, Barcelona, Spain
Swimming Pool: 50m swimming pool close to hotel facilities
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor pool
Aquatics Sports Camps: Swimming | Water Polo | Synchro
Training pool: 50m


Embark on an exceptional swimming camp adventure in Calella, Barcelona, a captivating destination celebrated for its lively atmosphere, picturesque beaches, and exceptional sports facilities. Whether you’re training for volleyball, beach soccer, or beach tennis, Calella offers an unparalleled environment for athletes to excel. Discover one of the premier swimming camps in Europe, where rigorous training meets the beauty and charm of Spain’s vibrant coast.


Destination: Calella, Barcelona
Calella, nestled along the stunning Costa Brava, is an idyllic locale for swimming camps, renowned for its sunny climate and inviting Mediterranean beaches. This bustling town combines cultural richness with natural splendor, creating an enticing backdrop for sports enthusiasts. Athletes can bask in the beauty of its sandy shores, explore local culture, and immerse themselves in the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.


Facilities at the Complex
The swimming camp in Calella features state-of-the-art facilities, including dedicated courts for volleyball, beach soccer, and beach tennis, ensuring optimal conditions for intensive training sessions. Conveniently located near the hotel accommodations, these facilities offer athletes seamless access and comfort during their stay. Accommodation options include top-tier hotels with modern amenities and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Versatility for Sports Training
Calella’s sports facilities cater to a variety of disciplines, making it an ideal choice for clubs and teams seeking comprehensive training programs. Whether refining techniques or preparing for competitions, athletes benefit from top-notch equipment and expert coaching, ensuring a productive and enjoyable training experience.


Culinary Delights and Safety Measures
Athletes will indulge in full-board meals, thoughtfully crafted to meet the nutritional demands of rigorous training schedules. Safety is paramount, with round-the-clock support and secure accommodations provided to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all participants.


Activities and Additional Services
In addition to training, Calella offers an array of leisure activities to enjoy during downtime. Athletes can explore the town’s vibrant nightlife, visit historical landmarks, and unwind on the pristine beaches. The camp also offers optional services such as guided tours of Barcelona, water sports activities, and cultural excursions, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable experience.


Why Choose Swimming Camp in Calella?
Selecting Calella for your next swimming camp guarantees an enriching journey where athletic prowess meets Mediterranean allure. From exceptional facilities to well-rounded training programs, this destination promises a unique blend of intensive training and leisurely activities. Embrace the opportunity to train at one of Europe’s finest swimming camps and create lasting memories in the heart of Catalonia.

Pack your gear, bring your passion, and let the swimming camp in Calella redefine your athletic aspirations in the most extraordinary way possible. Join us at one of the premier swimming camps in Europe and discover the perfect fusion of sports, culture, and relaxation.



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Swimming Camps in Europe – Barcelona, Spain