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Swimming Camp in Europe – Porto, Portugal

City: Porto, Portugal

Swimming Pool: Next to the city center

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Aquatics Sports Camps: Swimming | Water Polo | Synchro

Water polo pool Length 25x33m with 2,25 depth,

Training pool Length 50x8m with 1,4m depth

Best period for Sports Camp: All year round


Discover Swimming Excellence in Porto, Portugal
Welcome to Porto, a city celebrated as one of Europe’s top destinations and a hub of sporting prowess. Nestled along the scenic Douro River, Porto beckons with its historic charm and world-renowned Port Wine heritage. Embrace the city’s spirit of resilience and warmth, known affectionately as the ‘Invicta’ (Unconquered/Invincible City).


Destination: Porto, Portugal
Porto, awarded Best European Destination multiple times, offers a captivating blend of cultural richness and sporting ambition. Home to iconic bridges and famed Port Wine cellars, this city invites you to explore its historic streets and vibrant neighborhoods.


Pool and Training Facilities
Train at Porto’s premier swimming facilities, featuring a 33m and 50m indoor pool near the city center. Equipped for year-round training in a controlled climate, these facilities ensure optimal conditions for athletes striving for excellence.


Experience Porto’s Unique Blend
Immerse yourself in Porto’s rich tapestry of culture and sport. From exploring historic landmarks to savoring local cuisine, every moment in Porto promises inspiration and adventure.


Why Choose Porto for Your Swimming Camp?
Choose Porto for your next swimming camp and experience a destination where tradition meets innovation. Whether diving into rigorous training sessions or exploring the city’s vibrant offerings, Porto promises an unforgettable experience.


Plan Your Next Training Camp in Porto
Pack your gear and set your sights on Porto for your next swimming training camp. Join us in a city renowned for its hospitality, resilience, and commitment to sports excellence.



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Our package includes

International Air tickets if needed



Domestic Air tickets or Ferry tickets


Accomodation 4* or 5* hotel in Porto

City tour, events resrvationand other activities


Swimming facilities

Swimming Camp in Europe – Porto, Portugal