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City: Patra

Swimming Pool: Nautical Club of Patra Swimming Pool

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Length: 25m

Depth: 2m

Best period for Sports Camp in Patra: Summer

Aquatics Sports Camps: Swimming | Water Polo | Synchro


Discover the Charms of Patra
Welcome to Patra, a hidden gem nestled along Greece’s stunning coastline. Surrounded by the azure waters of the sea and infused with vibrant energy, Patra offers a unique blend of beauty, history, and culture. Ideal for summertime camps, our city boasts the perfect setting for swimming, water polo, and synchro camps, making it an ideal choice for athletes seeking a memorable training experience. From ancient ruins to picturesque cafes and restaurants, Patra is a city full of wonderful discoveries, making it a top destination for swimming camps in Europe.


Great Pool Facilities and Training Timetables
At the Nautical Club of Patra Swimming Pool, athletes discover a world of excellence. Our outdoor pool, spanning 25 meters in length and boasting a depth of 2 meters, provides the perfect setting for aquatic sports camps. With guaranteed two-hour training sessions per day, athletes can fine-tune their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches, ensuring progress and improvement throughout their stay. Additionally, friendly games against Greek academies offer a unique opportunity for international athletes to compete and forge new connections in a spirited atmosphere.


Safety and Security
Patra prides itself on being a safe and welcoming city for athletes of all ages. With its friendly atmosphere and tight-knit community, participants can feel at ease knowing they’re in a secure environment. From the poolside to the city streets, safety is our top priority, allowing athletes to focus on their training and enjoy their time in Patra without worry.


Advanced Support and Analysis
Enhance your performance with advanced sports science support services in Patra. Teaming up with renowned expert Dr. Kampasakalis, we offer cutting-edge lactate analysis and personalized insights to optimize your training and maximize your potential in the pool. With expert guidance and tailored recommendations, you’ll have the tools you need to reach new heights in your athletic journey.


Exciting Extra Activities
Beyond the pool, Patra offers a wealth of extra activities to complement your training experience. Embark on a thrilling treasure hunt through the city streets, soak up the sun on a daily cruise along the mesmerizing coastline, or journey back in time with a daily excursion to the birthplace of the Olympic Games in ancient Olympia. With endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, Patra ensures your summer camp is nothing short of unforgettable.


Book your summer camp in Patra, and make your sports camp in Greece an unforgettable experience!

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