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Halkidiki cruises

Halkidiki Full day leisure cruise

The beautiful three-legged peninsula, just a breath from Thessaloniki, with gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise waters awaits you for an Impressive sailing tour to the northern Aegean treasures! Enjoy a full day swimming-leisure cruise, and an ultimate adventure experience! Jump into the open sea, admire the marvelous beaches of Halkidiki peninsula and explore little virgin [...]

Halkidiki experiences

Local winery at Halkidiki

The route of the Akratos Wine refers to the water element of Aristotelian Philosophy.   Our excursion will start at Halkidiki vineyards where: We are participating in agricultural activities. We will have a wine tasting experience in a stunning location overlooking the whole of Akanthios Gulf and Mount Athos, on the Throne of Xerxes. We [...]