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Thessaloniki tours

Thessaloniki, Epirus, Zagorochoria

Trip Story Northern Greece offers authentic, unique experiences as it has not yet been alienated from mass tourism. It is an ideal destination for unforgettable family vacation, an elegant, ecological escape for couples and groups as it perfectly combines nature, culture and gastronomy. From the kingdoms of nature in the Olympus National Park and the [...]

Grand Tour of the Olympic Games

The glory of the Olympic Games, Greek history and modern Greece unfolds in this 7-days tour full of contemporary, historical and archaeological sites. From the celebrations of the Olympic Day Run of Thessaloniki and the modern sculpture, now a trademark of the city, the Umbrellas of Zongolopoulos, to the Ancient Olympia, the cradle of the [...]

Thessaloniki – Pozar

The perfect mix of relaxation, fun and culture. A trip to Greece's beloved and enjoyable destinations of the North, both for their natural beauty as well as the people living there. Colourful and vibrant, Thessaloniki is easy to fall in love with! Multicultural and fascinating enlivened by bustling outdoor cafes, it has beauty, history and [...]

Thessaloniki Short Break

Ancient in origin yet young at heart, Thessaloniki is full of hidden secrets, exceptional food and a laid-back spirit. Experience a short city break to an easy place to love!   Highlights Thessaloniki Bike city tour Sunset welcome dinner Olympic Day Run (Not Included)   Included • 2 Overnights in 3* or 4 * central [...]

Thessaloniki Full City Tour

Thessaloniki Pulsating, exhilarating, vibrant, fascinating, authentic! Get to enjoy 3 days of sun, culture and gastronomy, fun and soft training. The lovely traffic-free waterfront of stylish walkways, coffee shops, monuments, gardens and a splendid sunset. A shoppers’ heaven with smart, modern shops, large and lively markets, lanes and courtyards teeming with boutiques cafes and cozy [...]

Daily tours from Thessaloniki

Halkidiki Full day leisure cruise

The beautiful three-legged peninsula, just a breath from Thessaloniki, with gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise waters awaits you for an Impressive sailing tour to the northern Aegean treasures! Enjoy a full day swimming-leisure cruise, and an ultimate adventure experience! Jump into the open sea, admire the marvelous beaches of Halkidiki peninsula and explore little virgin [...]

Ancient Pella & Vergina Royal Tombs

Visit Pella, the Capital of the Macedonian Kingdom and birthplace of Alexander the Great. Take a journey to the beautiful village of Vergina and the archeological treasures of the glorious Macedonian kingdom, one of the most important archeological sites of Greece!…


The imposing rocks of Meteora over the city of Kalambaka, is the impressive geological phenomenon included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, that you shoud not miss the opportunity to see…

Thessaloniki Experiences

Thessaloniki wine tasting tour

It is surely a pleasure to taste wine but to see where it comes from and how it is made is an experience not to miss out on. An exclusive wine experience, a behind-the-scenes tour at famous local estate in the suburbs of Thessaloniki.Discover the area where the world-renowned wine label is produced and taste [...]

Thessaloniki Urban City Tour

Feel as a local and experience the lively pulse of Thessaloniki following the local leisure habits. The people of Thessaloniki are known for their "relaxed" lifestyle, their rich social contacts and their friendly mood, but above all for their love of good food and fun. In this tour you will have the opportunity to get [...]

Thessaloniki eat like locals do

The only Greek city designated as an UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy and thanks to its different gastronomic traditions, Thessaloniki is always mentioned as the gastronomic capital of Greece.   Duration: Full day   Thessaloniki culinary backstreets A culinary tour at famous food gathering places and street food gems. Uncover the food treasures of the [...]

Fishing tour

One of the greatest benefits of fishing is that it brings people together. Whether you’re working towards a common goal, or just talking about life, spending quality time on the water works like glue. If you’re part of a bigger team, going out on multiple boats will add an opportunity for some friendly competition, too. [...]

Thessaloniki Classic Tour

Duration: Half day (4 hours) A classic historical tour covering the twenty three centuries that the city exists, where Macedonian Kings, Roman Emperors, Byzantines, Ottoman Sultans and Jewish lived formed and marked its history and culture. Walking to the historical center of Thessaloniki, a unique, multicultural, full of stories city is revealed right in front [...]

Thessaloniki Bike Tour

Take an easy ride to the abundant treasures of Thessaloniki lifestyle! Observe the daily routine of the locals, learn the historyand meet the city’s highlights…