The only Greek city designated as an UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy and thanks to its different gastronomic traditions, Thessaloniki is always mentioned as the gastronomic capital of Greece.


Duration: Full day


Thessaloniki culinary backstreets

A culinary tour at famous food gathering places and street food gems.

Uncover the food treasures of the city, which reveals its unique identity in every bite you take!


Indulge in:

  • The smell of freshly roasted greek coffee
  • The authentic crispy Bougatsa
  • Sesame Koulouri, locals’ favorite habit for eating on the go
  • The classic meaty Greek street food
  • The Meze Culture
  • In a seaside tavern with fresh seafood of course

Snacks and meals in selected spots with standard consumptions.

A traditional greek coffee

1 Bougatsa

1 Koulouri

1 pita souvlaki or gyros

1 glass of tsipouro with meze

Seafood meal

What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program

Personal consumptions, reservations in addition to those mentioned in the program