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Wellness tour Thessaloniki

Wellness tour Thessaloniki

Pulsating, exhilarating, vibrant, fascinating, authentic!

Named after a woman, a Macedonian princess, sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki is by far the top destination for ladies of all ages!

Heaven of Leisure
Lovely traffic-free waterfront of stylish walkways, coffee shops, monuments, gardens and a splendid sunset.
A shoppers’ heaven with smart, modern shops, large and lively markets, lanes and courtyards teeming with boutiques cafes and cozy bars and restaurants.

Beauty and the city
Surrender yourself to the hands of the experts and accomplish every desire to make you feel unique from head to toe!

Get to enjoy 7 days of sun and fun , eclectic gastronomy, leisure and a range of special aesthetic, wellness and recreational services.


Private transfer

Airplane Tickets


Highlights :

Selected Therapies of your choice

Welcome dinner at a famous local Winery

Yoga session in open spaces

Excursion to Pozar thermal springs

• SUP trip adventure

• Urban city tour

• Professional photoshoot

Bike Sightseeing tour
Greek-style Cook-off


• Accommodation in 4* down town Hotel ( Bed & Breakfast )

• Private transfers from / to Airport

• 2 Aesthetic therapies of your choice

All activities’ costs as described (except optional ones)

Bike city tour

• Official English-speaking biker guide

• City bike

Welcome dinner

• Fixed  menu & drinks

Yoga session in open spaces

• Yoga official instructor

• 2 h yoga session

Excursion to Pozar thermal springs

• Entrance to the facilities

• Pool bath

• 1 Massage session

• Meal at local tavern (Fixed  menu & drinks)

• Transfers


SUP trip adventure

• Official instructor

• 1,5 h of Sup

• Transfers


Urban city tour

• Escort of our company

• Coffee place: 1 coffee or soft drink

• Wine & Cheese tasting: 1 glass of local wine and a plate of a variety of local cheeses in the middle to share

• Cruise Bar: 1 drink/ soft drink or cocktail at the boat bar

• Ladadika District: Dinner (dishes of your choice on standard menus) & Up to 3 drinks (soft drinks or cocktails)


Professional photoshoot

• Professional Photographer

• 4h of shooting

• Digital photo sharing

• Transfers

 A Greek-style Cook-off

• Local home cook

• All ingredient’s costs

• Transfers


Not included:

• What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.

• Personal consumptions, reservations in addition to those mentioned in the program

Day 1
Welcome day (Meet &greet) /Welcome Dinner at local winery

Welcome dinner at a famous local Winery.
Wine Tasting ,The ultimate food and wine experience.

Day 2
Wellness /Gastronomy

Start your day with a deep breath! Namaste!
Yoga and meditation technics with professional instructor at the most beautiful open spaces of the city.

Practice your asanas on a clear day at the city’s waterfront, connect with your inner self at the view of Mount Olympus, the legendary home of the 12 gods.

Therapeutic nature: Excursion to Pozar springs
Relax and pamper yourself in Pozar thermal springs
Large swimming pool with thermal water gushing from the bowels of the earth, ancient baths pose with he specific sites is indeed a miracle of nature.
Combine your presence in the hot thermal baths with modern massage techniques.
Enjoy the great local cuisine with dishes that Macedonian holding for centuries, taste and cheer with the famous local wine..

Day 3

Soft training / Urban life /Nightlife

” soft adventure”

Enjoy an ultimate SUP trip adventure..
Take part on a Half day Sup just a few klm away from Thessaloniki city!
Paddle away to the colorful sea, benefit from the sun, and savor the salt..

Urban city tour

Feel as a local and taste the vivid spirit of Thessaloniki

-Cozy Vibrant café

Drink your coffee ‘where and how’ the locals do

-Wine and cheese tasting

Enjoy a series of top Greek wine labels paired with traditional cheese varieties)

– Sea ride on a boat bar

Enjoy your drink on board  with the mesmerizing night view of the city

-Nightlife experience at Ladadika District (Including fixed dinner)

Experience the authenticity of this city and enjoy the tastes and sounds of Thessaloniki’s nightlife.


Day 4
1 Selected Therapy &  1 optional  Activity (from the list)

Day 5

1 Selected Therapy &  1 optional activity (from the list)

Day 6

Fun/Self expression/ Food and drink culture

Professional photoshoot: Be a model for a day

A big part of travelling is about taking the perfect photo!
From hidden cobblestone streets to stunning panoramic views, Thessaloniki is the perfect terrain to “photo-capture”
Have a Professional Photoshoot in Thessaloniki, be a model for a day and showcase your persona in the most beautiful places of the city.
Keep your memories of Greece alive forever.
Feel free to take various clothing and accessories with you and change between shots to make your shoot as diverse as you like.

A Greek-style Cook-off
At an idyllic orchard on the outskirts of the city
Challenge your team with a fun and delicious cook-off
by cooking local dishes under a chef’s instructions or local housewives.
Learn, create, compete, taste and cheer with the typical oyzo me meze.
Enjoy your meal by participating in the best authentic cooking trip!

Day 7 (departure day )
Fun & Culture

Bike Sightseeing tour
Take an easy ride to the abundant treasures of Thessaloniki’s lifestyle!
– Observe the daily routine of the locals
– Learn the history and meet the city’s highlights while crossing peculiar spots, open markets and sights you would not normally visit as a tourist


Airport Transfer- Goodbye


You will experience:

7 days of sun and fun and leisure

Thessaloniki’s vivid urban spirit

Eclectic gastronomy

Soft training activities in nature and open spaces

Self-expression and creative activities

A dynamic sightseeing city tour

A range of special aesthetic, wellness and recreational services


• Eyelid surgery

• Botox

• Plastic surgery

Health services

• Diet & Nutrition

• Dental services

• Dermatological services

• Gynecological and In vitro fertilization

Aesthetic services

• Spa – Massage

• Manicure – Pedicure

• Coiffure

Fashion activities

• Shopping day with Stylist

• Fashion show at the hotel

Various activities

• Personal training

• Tatoo & Piercing

You will experience:

• 7 days of sun and fun and leisure

• Thessaloniki’s vivid urban spirit

• Eclectic gastronomy

• Soft training activities in nature and open spaces

• Self-expression and creative activities

• A dynamic sightseeing city tour

• A range of special aesthetic, wellness and recreational services

    Wellness tour Thessaloniki