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Northern Greece Mountain Trip

Northern Greece Mountain Trip

Northern Greece offers authentic, unique experiences as it has not yet been alienated from mass tourism!

It is an ideal destination for unforgettable family vacations, an elegant, ecological escape for couples and groups as it perfectly combines nature, culture and gastronomy,

From the kingdoms of nature in the Olympus National Park and the gorge of Vikos to the relaxed and easy going cities of Thessaloniki and Ioannina, in this part of the Greek land, one can meet some of the most enchanting places in the whole country!

Our Offer Includes


Private transfer

Airplane Tickets


Highlights of the tour

• Wander in the historic center of Ioannina

• Boat ride at Lake Pamvotida

• Welcome dinner at Zagorochoria

• Explore the gorge of Vikos and reach beloi view point

• Hiking and getting to know the bridges of Zagori

• Argalios sheep wool processing workshop

• Zagori cooking experience

• Visit Dion Arch Park

• Seaside dinner at the Olympian riviera

• Equestrian Olympus

• Hiking at the gorge of Enipeas, visit the old monastery of Agios Dionysios.

• Bike tour of Thessaloniki

• Farewell meal


• Accommodation in 4 * hotels & traditional mansions with breakfast

• Private transfres by minibus

• Official English speaking guides on site

• Escort of our company throughout the trip

• Internationally certified mountain guides

• Entrances of archaeological sites

• Meals in selected restaurants with standard menus (where mentioned)

• All activity costs (except optional ones)


Not included:

• What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.

• Personal consumptions, reservations in addition to those mentioned in the program


Day 1st: Thessaloniki – Epirus, Zagorochoria

Arrival at International Macedonia Airport, in Thessaloniki.

Meet and greet with our representative

Departure to Zagorochoria

46 unique villages come together in a marvelous complex ready to fascinate your senses.

It is like one of those hidden treasures you hope stays exactly as it is for as long as possible.


Οn the way:

A half – day stop at Ioannina city:

Ioannina is the capital of Epirus region and truly, one of the most beautiful cities in whole Greece.

During the stay you will take the chance to:

Wander around the historical center with a mixture of neoclassical,

Mediterranean and Oriental style with characteristic fountains covering the four sides.  (guided upon request)



Boat ride at the lake

Enjoy views of one of the oldest lakes in the world, the Pamvotis the dream-like peninsula with its historic castle and towering minarets.


Optional activity:

Visit the silversmithing museum

Get in touch with the famous art of the area with roots in the depths of the centuries.


Arrival at Zagorochoria– Hotel check in

The beautiful villages perched on the mountains of Epirus surrounded by imposing hills, lush forests, steep gorges, and verdant ravines.


Accommodate in a traditional, stone-built mansion with an atmosphere of modern luxury accommodation



Get to meet the village of accommodation and taste delicious specialties of the unique Epirus’s cuisine at selected local restaurant


Day 2nd: Epirus – Zagorochoria
Breakfast at the hotel


Activities* :

“Strong nature experience” Εxplore Vikos Gorge

  • Hike from village to village and explore the famous Zagori bridges
  • Short easy trekking ,reach Beloi view point


Cooking experience The culinary scene in the households of the Zagori region.

Explore the famous traditional local cuisine with superior quality, fresh and tasteful ingredients andt raditional techniques. Participate in preparation and enjoy!

*All the activities may be adjusted to any physical condition.


Day 3rd: Epirus – Zagorochoria “Strong creativity ” & Trip to Pieria – Olympus

Breakfast at the hotel -check out



Argalios Sheep wool processing workshop. Get to know the traditional loom and felt wool processing, as handed down to the younger by the elderly women of Zagorochoria.

Photography tour to one of the most photogenic places in Greece and Europe.Exceptional biodiversity and magnificent architectural heritage, the photographic exploration of Zagori’s could take a lifetime…

Pieria – Olympus

Back on the road to our next destination the Mythical Mountain Olympus.

We move to the east side of Olympus and most visited one, as it is the “entrance” to the residence of 12 Gods, the mythical Olympus.
Discover paths, full of lush vegetation, ancient paths, small pedestals and waterfalls.

Οn the way…

Visit Dion Archeological Park

A must-visit to Dion, the holy city of the Macedonians where Zeus was worshiped, under the slopes of Olympus.

Arrival at Litochoro town, the “Olympus Gates”

Hotel -check in


Standing on the foothills of Mount Olympus, we reach Litochoro town.
In the narrow picturesque alleys and squares of Litochoro, the houses with the characteristic Macedonian architecture, reveals the authenticity of the local culture.

Accommodate in a traditional guest house, a preserved paternal house  which is considered one of the most manorial houses of Litochoro.

Free evening  full of proposals tips and recommendations

Get to know the vibrant and cozy nightlife of Litochoro Village or dine to one of the best restaurants in Northern Greece (awarded restaurant


Day 4rth: Mountain Olympus

Breakfast at the hotel – check out

A Day in Mythical Mt Olympus:

• Horse Riding “A magical world full of benefits”

A horse riding experience for begginners to get involved in animals daily routine such as feeding brushing mucking while learn to pay attention to horses behavior.Experience horse riding in the track or a short tour ride at the foot of Olympus overlooking the mountain and the sea

• Trekking at Enipeas Gorge

Enjoy the beauty of the Mythical Mount Olympus by Trekking the path of Enipeas gorge.


Dining at the seaside
Enjoy the Greek cuisine at a genuine fish tavern with delicious appetizers, warm comfortable space and incredible blue view


• Departure to Thessaloniki

• Hotel check in- Overnight


Day 5th: Thessaloniki
Breakfast at the hotel – check out



• Bike Sightseeing tour
Take an easy ride to the abundant treasures of Thessaloniki’s lifestyle!
– Observe the daily routine of the locals
– Learn the history and meet the city’s highlights while crossing peculiar spots, open markets and sights you would not normally visit as a tourist

• Farewell meal

In the middle of a great verdant garden with spring fountains and waterfalls, at the
view of Mount Olympus, the natural ingredients straight from the field and
produced by the local producers, the homelike traditional cooking techniques and the
wood oven are composing the ideal scenery for an unforgettable gastronomic


End of the trip

Airport Transfer – Departure

I will experience:

• The Natural wonders of Northern Greece

• Outstanding and breathtaking views

• Unique cultures & sceneries

• The treasures of Epirus Cuisine

• Nature based activities

• Travelling sustainably

• Trekking on the pathways of the  Greece’s mythical mountain

• Significant archaeological sites

• Dynamic city tours

    Northern Greece Mountain Trip